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SFM Additional Topics Only New Syllabus CA Vinod Kumar Agarwal

CA Vinod Kumar Agarwal Applicable Nov 2020, May 2021, Nov 21
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5) Views - IPCC and Final - 2 views. 2 views= twice the duration per lecture alloted.

6) No. of clicks/ Pause and Play - Unlimited [It means, how many times you can start and close each video lecture]

7) Validity Period (From the date of registration) for CA IPCC/Final Regular pen-drive lecture is 1 year and for CA IPCC/Final Revision pen-drive lecture is 6 months. Product will get expired on completion of views or validity whichever is earlier.

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Chapter 22 - Financial Policy and Corpotrate StrategyChapter 22 - Financial Policy and Corpotrate Strategy00:27:03
Chapter 23 -Indian Financial SystemLecture 1 - Indian Financial System02:02:49
 Lecture 2 - Indian Financial System01:57:39
Chapter 24 - Risk managementRisk Management Lecture 1 Only01:06:12
Chapter 25 - SecuritisationSecuritisation Lecture 1 Only01:00:39
Chapter 26 - International Financial CentreInternational Financial Centre Lecture 1 Only00:34:06
Chapter 27 - Start Up FinanceStart Up Finance Lecture 1 Only00:32:50
Chapter 28 - Small and Medium EnterprisesSmall and Medium Enterprises Lecture 1 Only00:31:19
Chapter 29 - Value at RiskLecture 1 - Value at Risk00:41:26
 Lecture 2 - Value at Risk01:07:32
 Lecture 3 - Value at Risk00:55:24
Chapter 30 - Economic Value AddedLecture 1 - Economic Value Added02:14:08
 Lecture 2 - Economic Value Added01:44:11
Chapter 31- Market Value AddedMarket Value Added Lecture 1 Only00:34:06
Chapter 32 - Shareholders Value AddedShareholders Value Added Lecture 1 Only00:10:31
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