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Final Indirect taxes

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Faculty:CA Kedar Junnarkar Duration: 95 Hours
₹8,260.00 incl tax
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Terms and Conditions

1) System requirement - Windows 7/8/8.1, Windows 10, Minimum Intel core 2 duo processor& minimum frequency is 2.0 GHZ, Minimum 2 GB RAM

(Our software will work only on Windows platform not on MAC/ Apple/ other operating systems)

2) Video lecture software once installed on any PC/laptop it is not possible to shift or reinstall on any other PC/laptop in any circumstances.

3) Do not connect Pen-drives/ PC/ Laptop to any other electronic devices like projectors/ TV/ Tab/ Mobiles.

4) Any data corruption / tamper detection shall be your sole responsibility and A S Foundation shall not be liable to re-issue or re-activate the pen-drives. You expressly agree that your use or inability to use the pen-drive is at your sole risk

5) In case of system failure /damaged / hard disk failure A S Foundation shall not be liable to re-issue or re-activate the pen-drives.

6) In case of formatting your PC/ Laptop. You have to take permission from our pune office then our IT Team will take necessary backups from your PC/ Laptop then you can format otherwise A S Foundation shall not be liable to re-issue or re-activate the pen-drives.

7) Antivirus should be updated.

8) Views - IPCC and Final - 2 views. It means, you can view each lecture for 2 times of its original recorded duration (for eg. if total duration is 100 hours then you will get 100 + 100 = 200 hours in total)

9) No. of clicks/ Pause and Play - Unlimited [It means, how many times you can start and close each video lecture]

10) Validity Period (From the date of registration) for CA IPCC/Final Regular pen-drive lecture is 1 year and for CA IPCC/Final Revision pen-drive lecture is 6 months.

11) Product Expiry: For CA Final each lecture will expire after 1.5 times of viewing hours or validity from registration, whichever is earlier.

For CA IPCC each lecture will expire after 2 times of viewing hours or validity from registration, whichever is earlier.

12) After the product expiration if you need to view it again, you will need to pay to renew your subscription or you can format the pen drive and use it for storage purpose.


Note: A. S. Foundation is not responsible to provide service in case of violation of above Terms and Conditions.


Topic NameVideo NameLength
Part_1_Service_TaxLecture no. 1 Basics of Service Tax1:30:00
 Lecture no. 2 Basics of Service Tax1:30:00
 Lecture no. 3 Basics and POPS Rules1:30:00
 Lecture no. 4 POPS Rules1:00:00
 Lecture no. 5 POPS Rules1:30:00
 Lecture no. 6 Service Tax Rules and POT Rules1:30:00
 Lecture no. 7 POT Rules1:30:00
 Lecture no. 8 POT Rules1:00:00
 Lecture no. 9 POT Rules1:30:00
 Lecture no. 10 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 11 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 12 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 13 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 14 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 15 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 16 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 17 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 18 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 19 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 20 Various Services1:00:00
 Lecture no. 21 Various Services1:30:00
 Lecture no. 22 Various Services1:00:00
 Lecture no. 23 Various Services1:00:00
 Lecture no. 24 Various Services0:30:00
 Lecture no. 25 Service Tax Rules0:30:00
Part_2_CustomsLecture no. 1 Customs Law Basics1:30:00
 Lecture no. 2 Customs Law Basics1:00:00
 Lecture no. 3 Customs Law Basics1:00:00
 Lecture no. 4 Customs Tariff Act1:00:00
 Lecture no. 5 Customs Tariff Act1:00:00
 Lecture no. 6 Customs Valuation1:30:00
 Lecture no. 7 Customs Valuation1:30:00
 Lecture no. 8 Valuation1:30:00
 Lecture no. 9 Valuation1:30:00
 Lecture no. 10 Warehousing1:30:00
 Lecture no. 11 Duty Drawback1:30:00
 Lecture no. 12 Baggage1:00:00
 Lecture no. 13 Miscellaneous Provisions0:30:00
 Lecture no. 14 FTP1:30:00
 Lecture no. 15 FTP1:30:00
 Lecture no. 16 FTP0:30:00
Part_3_Common_TopicsLecture no. 1 Common Topics1:30:00
 Lecture no. 2 Common Topics1:30:00
 Lecture no. 3 Common Topics1:30:00
 Lecture no. 4 Common Topics1:30:00
 Lecture no. 5 Common Topics1:30:00
 Lecture no. 6 Common Topics0:30:00
Part_4_IDT_CasesLecture no. 11:30:00
 Lecture no. 21:30:00
 Lecture no. 31:30:00
 Lecture no. 41:30:00
 Lecture no. 51:30:00
 Lecture no. 60:15:00
Part_5_Central_ExciseLecture no. 1 Basics of Central Excise1:00:00
 Lecture no. 2 Basics of Excise1:00:00
 Lecture no. 3 Valuation1:00:00
 Lecture no. 4 Valuation1:30:00
 Lecture no. 5 Valuation0:30:00
 Lecture no. 6 Valuation1:30:00
 Lecture no. 7 Valuation1:30:00
 Lecture no. 8 Classification1:30:00
 Lecture no. 9 Cenvat Credit1:30:00
 Lecture no. 10 Cenvat Credit1:30:00
 Lecture no. 11 Cenvat Credit1:30:00
 Lecture no. 12 Cenvat Credit1:30:00
 Lecture no. 13 Cenvat Credit1:30:00
 Lecture no. 14 Cenvat Credit1:30:00
 Lecture no. 15 Cenvat Credit1:00:00
 Lecture no. 16 Cenvat Credit1:30:00
 Lecture no. 17 SSI Exemption1:30:00
 Lecture no. 18 SSI Exemption1:00:00
 Lecture no. 19 Central Excise Rules1:30:00
 Lecture no. 20 Central Excise Rules1:30:00