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CA Final DT New & Old for May & Nov 2020 Regular By CA Subodh Shah

Faculty : CA Subodh Shah
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Applicable : May & Nov 2020 Exam

validity : 1 year

Format : Pendrive / Download

Books : 2 Books In Hard Copy

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Lecture NoDurationVolumeChapterContent
12:00:00I1Introduction to Direct Taxes
22:18:50I1Introduction to Direct Taxes
32:33:52I1 and  2Introduction to Direct Taxes & PGBP from 2:05 
42:19:57I2PGBP : Charging section, Section 30,31,32
52:23:34I2PGBP : Depreciation Section 32
61:27:11I2PGBP : Depreciation Section 32
6B0:42:21I2PGBP : Section 32AD, 33AB, 33ABA
72:21:11I2PGBP : Deductions under section 35, Disallowance u/s 43B
82:14:46I2PGBP : Section 43B, Section 36 and Section 37
92:11:24I2PGBP : Section 37, Section 14A
102:32:10I2PGBP: Disallowances Section 40, Sec 269SS, ST,T, Section 68, 69
112:23:45I2PGBP : Section 41, 43CA, 44AA, 44AB
122:22:24I2PGBP : Presumptive Taxation,  ICDS
132:32:21I12ICDS / Capital Gain Charging Section 45
142:26:53I5Capital Gains : Basic Concepts, Special charging sections
152:19:07I5Capital Gains : Section 47, Long Term and Short Term CA
161:35:58I5Capital Gains : Cost of Acquisition, Computation
16A0:55:11I5Capital Gains : Cost of Acquisition, Computation
172:24:33I5Capital Gains : Section 50, 51, and Exemption u/s 54
182:32:01I5Capital Gains : Exemptions
192:28:41I5Capital Gains :  Tax on capital gains
202:29:00I5 and 6Capital Gains and Income from Other Sources: Gifts
212:37:20I6IOS : Dividend
222:21:54I6,7IOS , Dividend & Bonus Stripping, Clubbing
23A1:52:09I7,8Clubbing, Set off of Losses
242:18:24I8Set off of Losses
252:29:56I9Chapter VIA : 80C to 80DD
262:26:00I9Chapter VIA : 80DDB, 80G, 80 JJAA
272:36:27I9Chapter VIA : 80P, 80 IA, 10AA
282:33:09I10Charitable & Religious Trusts
292:23:56I10Charitable & Religious Trusts
302:25:08I / II11, 2Tonnage Tax, Return of Income
312:31:57II2, 3Return of Income, Assessment Section 142
322:03:34II3Assessment, Section 143, 144, 144C
332:26:22II3Reassesement u/s 147, Time Limits Section 153
342:23:06II3,4Time limits, Rectification 154, Powers of ITA
352:34:21II4Search, Survey 
360:32:27II4Search, Survey 
36A1:52:48II4,5Search, Survey , Appeals and Revision
372:13:41II5,7Appeals and Revisions, Settlement Commission
382:10:59II17, 9,10Authority for Advance Ruling, Specified Financial Transactions, TDS
402:23:06II10TDS , TCS
412:23:47II10Advance Tax
432:04:06II1MAT and IND AS
442:22:35II1,6MAT / AMT, Representative Assessee
452:32:46II6, 8Representative Assessee / Penalty
472:36:38II8,14Penalty / REITS / INVITS
482:13:04II15, 12REITS / Transfer Pricing
492:26:00II12Transfer Pricing
502:27:24II12Transfer Pricing
512:38:35II18Taxation of Non Residents
522:23:39II18Taxation of Non Residents
532:19:57II18,19Taxation of Non Residents : DTAA / Equalisation Levy
542:35:24II12,13Tax Planning and GAAR
552:26:16II20Model Tax Conventions
562:45:07II20, 11,21Model Tax Conventions, Exempt Incomes, Interpretation of treaties
571:58:09II22Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
57A0:00:16II Conclusion



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